Login help

For curriculum students...
Your Moodle login information is the same as your MyEdge student email and your WebAdvisor login information...

For curriculum students, your Moodle username is usually your first initial, last name, and first four digits of your date of birth (month and day only).
Example: John Smith born May 18, 1977 (5/18/77), the username would be:

For curriculum students, your Moodle password is the same as your MyEdge and WebAdvisor password. If you are unable to log in, try using the last six digits of your SSN as the password. If you are a new student, this password will initially be set to the last six digits of your Social Sec. Number. New students should follow these instructions to create a permanent password...

1. Go to the ECC home page,

2. Click the round blue icon for WebAdvisor.

3. At the bottom right, click the tab that says "Log In."

4. Enter your username and, for the password, the last six of your SSN

5. You will be forced to change the six-digit temporary password to a new permanent one, which will also become your password for MyEdge email and for Moodle. WebAdvisor will say, "Your password has expired. Please choose a new password." and then ask you for your User ID and your old password.

6. For "Old Password" enter the last six digits of your SSN again. The new password you create here in WebAdvisor will then be the only one you'll need for WebAdvisor, MyEdge student email, and Moodle. The new password must be between 6 and 9 characters long and must contain some numbers. It can be all numbers, but it does not have to contain both numbers and letters, even though the screen may say differently. So you could use your student ID number as the password.

7. Once you change your password in Webadvisor, please enroll your password in EdgeId, if you have not already done so.

Here's how to do that...

Instructions for enrolling your password in EdgeID

1. Go to the EdgeID site https://edgeid.edgecombe.edu

2. Click on "Enroll"

3. Enter in your normal user name (such as smithj or, for most students, jsmith0329)

4. Enter your password...

5. Click "Submit"

You will be prompted to answer 3 security questions...

You can pick what three questions you would like from the list.

(Remember that the answers to questions are case sensitive)

Answer these and click "Enroll."

If you ever forget this password, you can come back to EdgeID and unlock your account and reset your password by answering your three questions

You are done.

For Continuing Ed. students...

Your instructor should have notified you about your login info.

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